There, there

The fool that you are, Robert

Is that druff on your shoulder?

It is not, you fiend

Oh, Meg, tarry a while

I will not, I cannot

Please, I’ll make an honest woman of you

The cheek of it, you don’t have it in you

My kisses say I do

Get your lips off me, man

If you love God you’d want to taste a bit of heaven

That’s sacrilege and blasphemy

It is not, it’s as pure as snow to love a woman

You big bastard with your clever words

Come on then, undress a little and show me your thigh

Only the right one

And the space in between

Aw, Robert, you’ll ruin me

Meg, we’re all ruined in the eyes of God

Amen to that

Amen, Meg . . . amen


About dogsbodiesandscumsters

Alan McCormick’s collection of short stories and illustrated writing with Jonny Voss, DOGSBODIES and SCUMSTERS, was published by Roast Books in 2011. Alan is Writer in Residence at Kingston University His short stories have won numerous prizes and have been widely published and performed. Jonny Voss has been working in London as an illustrator since 2000. His personal drawings and commissioned work can be seen at Alan and Jonny collaborate on illustrated shorts under the name, Scumsters – see their site Their work has been published by Volume, Litro, Decongested Tales and can be seen online at 3ammagazine and Deaddrunkdublin.
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